Native american designs MIMBRES LINE


image design by Freepik

This new series of designs in black and white have been inspired by the art of New Mexico of the ancient Mimbres culture.

They are available in fine art print and printable art.

“The Mimbres villages, a subgroup of a larger culture called Mogollon, focused on the Mimbres Valley, to the southwest of New Mexico. Known primarily for their exquisite painted pottery, it is generally accepted that the artists responsible for creating the pottery were women, who received their training from relatives.
This group was culturally active between 1000 BC and 1130 of our era, and developed architectural and ceramic styles characteristic of this small area.

The ceramics produced by the Mimbres subculture are almost always made from containers and finely created vases, with stylized animal, people and symbols.

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NAZCA products line – kitchen set


Image by @mikael-cho

Once again pre-Columbian designs surprise me with their simple shapes and great visual impact.

This time with food designs of peppers and peas inspired by Nazca pottery drawings from Perú in a naive way for a cheerful and colorful kitchen decor.


Soon they’ll be in my Etsy store.