Colors for Nuna is born to give vent to imagination after admiring many and many beautiful designs made by artists of indigenous communities in Latin America before the arrival of the conquerors.
They have many both meaningful and artistic interpretations but I think all versions are based on a piece of art of great value.

With them I hope to transmit, at least in small part, the power of that immense imaginative world.


Forest of statues, San Agustin archaeological park, Colombia, 1991.

Since my first visit to Colombia, the archaeological parks and related museums, I was enthusiastic about Pre-Columbian art.
But it wasn’t until many years later that I was able to investigate the different cultures that spread their art throughout the American territory.

Always looking for the most naive designs to offer a kind of ethnic, cheerful and minimalist decoration.
At the moment I am working with designs of Mayan, Aztec, Cocle, Nasca, Calima-Tumaco, Inca art… without stopping searching every week for new designs and learning about their style, usefulness, materials and possible interpretations of such beautiful designs.